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Cisco SMP, LLC Privacy Policy & Terms


Cisco SMP, LLC

At Cisco SMP, LLC, we are committed to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of our clients and all website users.


This Privacy Policy & Terms dictates how Cisco SMP, LLC assembles, utilizes, preserves, and reveals any information gathered from website users of This Privacy Policy & Terms is only applicable to this website and offerings from Cisco SMP, LLC and does not relate to third-party businesses or organizations that we may link with.


Consumers and Users Information

On the website for Cisco SMP, LLC, users will be asked for personal identification information in various ways. Gathering personal identification information may include actions such as visiting our website, registering on our website, filling out our website forms, among other related activities. Website users may potentially be asked to provide personal information such as one’s name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and payment method details. We only collect personal identification information if users willingly provide this information to our website. Users have the right to deny any submission of personal identification information, although rejecting this may result in inadequate user experience within the website. Additionally, Cisco SMP, LLC collects information for purposes related to market research and increasing knowledge on our customer base in order to offer enhanced experiences. This information allows Cisco SMP, LLC to determine the information that is useful for customer and to decide which services are best to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers. By registering on our website, you are acknowledging and permitting us to utilize this information by informing you of updates, news, promotions, and other business-related features.


Non-Personal Identification Information

Our website gathers non-personal information through any and all navigation within our website. Non-personal information may involve the browser name, computer or device type, and technical knowledge to determine the connection between the respective user and our website. This may consist of the device’s operating system and internet service providers, among other relevant information.


Web Browser Settings & Cookies

Cisco SMP, LLC’s website can potentially set forth cookies that will assist us in bettering the experience for our website users. In this case, web browser cookies from users are implemented on their respective hard drives for retaining information and pursuing information for tracking purposes and order tracking. Users have the ability to choose their own settings on whether to approve or reject cookies, as well as set warnings for when cookies are being sent for these above purposes. If users choose to block cookies, it is significant to note that the user experience of the website on specific pages may deteriorate.


Declaring Personal Information for Website Users

Cisco SMP, LLC does not disclose or display personal information submitted to us by our website users. Information from our website users is only utilized for purposes related to administration or registration. By registering on our website, you approve us to utilize your available and provided information to assist us in developing our services for the better of our website users and customers. Additionally, you also permit Cisco SMP, LLC to share this collected information with any of our relevant business partners and affiliates. Any common demographic material for website visitors and users is shared for the reasons previously stated.


Security and Safekeeping

Cisco SMP, LLC embraces and utilizes proper technology and software to safeguard your privacy and discretion. Cisco SMP, LLC utilizes data gathering, storage, and managing practices and security components to protect you from suspicious activity and the access, modifications, or damage to your personal information that may be stored on our website.


Modifications to Cisco SMP, LLC Privacy Policy and Terms

Cisco SMP, LLC reserves the right to modify or update our privacy policy and terms at all times. Modifications will be implemented in our system for your accessibility. We advise website users to occasionally look at this privacy policy and terms to review any new changes. You recognize and accept responsibility for remaining up-to-date with potential changes to this privacy policy and terms. Cisco SMP, LLC retains the right to edit this privacy policy and terms at any given time without prior notice.


Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy and Terms for Cisco SMP, LLC is considered a contract and acknowledged via the State of Florida laws. Through use of our site, you concede that any claim regarding our terms or our website usage will be documented within the State of Florida.


Agreement and Approval of Privacy Policy & Terms

You acknowledge acceptance of our privacy policy and terms by utilizing our website. If you are not in agreement in acknowledging this acceptance, please refrain from using our website. Your ongoing use of our site after modifications have been made to Cisco SMP, LLC Privacy Policy and Terms is considered acceptance of these changes.


Termination & Closure

Cisco SMP, LLC has limitless rights to terminate and cease all access to our website without prior notice.


Communicating With Us

Please contact Cisco SMP, LLC at if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and Terms, our service offerings on our website, or your experience and interaction with our website.